Foals 2018

Winternebel (GER) 2018 out of Wunderblume (Lomitas)

ColtColor: bayDate of birth: 08/05/2018Breeder: Gestüt Ravensberg

NN (GER) 2018 out of Sternstunde (Sir Warren)

ColtColor: bayDate of birth: 06/05/2018Breeder: Gestüt Röttgen

NN (GER) 2018 out of Linarda (Rock of Gibraltar)

ColtColor: chestnutDate of birth: 30/04/2018Breeder: Gestüt Westerberg

Panama Gold (GER) 2018 out of Pretty Highness (Tertullian)

ColtColor: chestnutDate of birth: 28/04/2018Breeder: Susanne und Jürgen Kleibömer

NN (GER) 2018 out of Quintana (Fantastic Light)

FillyColor: chestnutDate of birth: 23/04/2018Breeder: Australian Bloodstock und Ronald Rauscher

Oakley (GER) 2018 out of Ovambo Lady (Kalatos)

ColtColor: bayDate of birth: 23/04/2018Breeder: Dr. Andreas Bolte und Dr. Hans-Hermann Leimbach

NN (GER) 2018 out of Ponte Tresa (Sicyos)

FillyColor: chestnutDate of birth: 21/04/2018Breeder: Dr. Christoph Berglar

NN (GER) 2018 out of Directa Princess (Dubai DestinationNN)

ColtColor: bayDate of birth: 19/04/2018Breeder: Power Thoroughbreds Germany GmbH

NN (GER) 2018 out of Salonshuffle (Big Shuffle)

ColtColor: brownDate of birth: 19/04/2018Breeder: Gestüt Paschberg

NN (FR) 2018 out of Papagena Star (Amadeus Wolf)

FillyColor: bayDate of birth: 16/04/2018Breeder: Dr. Alexandra Renz

NN (GER) 2018 out of Lips Planet (Mamool)

FillyColor: bayDate of birth: 12/04/2018Breeder: Stall Parthenaue

NN (GER) 2018 out of Independent Miss (Polar Falcon)

FillyColor: bayDate of birth: 11/04/2018Breeder: Rennstall Wöhler

NN (GER) 2018 out of Tech Engine (Enrique)

FillyColor: bayDate of birth: 07/04/2018Breeder: Gestüt Wittekindshof

NN (GER) 2018 out of Wellenspiel (Sternkönig)

FillyColor: bayDate of birth: 28/03/2018Breeder: Gestüt Röttgen

NN (AUT) 2018 out of Blaue Mauritius (Soldier Hollow)

FillyColor: bayDate of birth: 23/03/2018Breeder: Stall Racing Rih

NN (GER) 2018 out of Zippity Do Da (Makfi)

ColtColor: bayDate of birth: 19/03/2018Breeder: Power Thoroughbreds Germany GmbH

NN (GER) 2018 out of Kathleen Frances (Sakhee)

FillyColor: bayDate of birth: 16/03/2018Breeder: Cornelia Zinnecker

NN (GER) 2018 out of Aisling Verse (Street Cry)

FillyColor: bayDate of birth: 15/03/2018Breeder: Power Thoroughbreds Germany GmbH

Milka (GER) 2018 out of Monolite (Monos)

FillyColor: bayDate of birth: 13/03/2018Breeder: Susanne Ottofülling

NN (GER) 2018 out of Peace Society (Iffraaj)

ColtColor: bayDate of birth: 10/03/2018Breeder: Dr. Christoph Berglar

Liban (GER) 2018 out of Laeya Star (Royal Dragon)

ColtColor: chestnutDate of birth: 06/03/2018Breeder: Gestüt Haus Zoppenbroich

NN (GER) 2018 out of Lomitas Dream (Lomitas)

ColtColor: chestnutDate of birth: 02/03/2018Breeder: Manfred Ommer

Amazing Grace (GER) 2018 out of Amabelle (Danehill Dancer)

FillyColor: chestnutDate of birth: 01/03/2018Breeder: Dr. Christoph Berglar

NN (GER) 2018 out of Avenicean (Medicean)

ColtColor: bayDate of birth: 27/02/2018Breeder: Gestüt Am Schlossgarten

NN (GER) 2018 out of Weichsel (Soldier Hollow)

FillyColor: bayDate of birth: 26/02/2018Breeder: Gestüt Röttgen

Mendel (GER) 2018 out of Mia (Soldier Hollow)

ColtColor: chestnutDate of birth: 25/02/2018Breeder: Susanne Ottofülling

Rose of Anpak (GER) 2018 out of Ramona Beat (Electric Beat)

FillyColor: bayDate of birth: 25/02/2018Breeder: Stall Anpak

NN (AUT) 2018 out of Unravelled

ColtColor: bayDate of birth: 23/02/2018Breeder: Stall Racing Rih

NN (GER) 2018 out of Picobella (Big Shuffle)

FillyColor: bayDate of birth: 20/02/2018Breeder: Stall Classic und Stall Osterham

NN (GER) 2018 out of Serienhoehe (High Chaparral)

FillyColor: bayDate of birth: 19/02/2018Breeder: Gestüt Wittekindshof

Remember Maria (GER) 2018 out of Royal Tigress (Tiger Hill)

FillyColor: bayDate of birth: 17/02/2018Breeder: Dr. Karl Gräf

My Favour (GER) 2018 out of Matchday (Acclamation)

FillyColor: bayDate of birth: 16/02/2018Breeder: Gudrun Corzilius und Gestüt Römerhof

NN (AUT) 2018 out of Pebbles Place (Oasis Dream)

FillyColor: bayDate of birth: 14/02/2018Breeder: Stall Racing Rih

NN (GER) 2018 out of Neria (Tertullian)

ColtColor: chestnutDate of birth: 11/02/2018Breeder: Gestüt Niederrhein

Monteverdi (GER) 2018 out of Ma Coeur (Sholokhov)

ColtColor: bayDate of birth: 07/02/2018Breeder: Gestüt Etzean

I Love Australis (GER) 2018 out of I Love Lips (Sholokhov)

fillyColor: bayDate of birth: 04/02/2018Breeder: UMB Beteiligungen GmbH

Mary Lou (GER) 2018 out of Mindemoya River (Country Reel)

FillyColor: bayDate of birth: 21/01/2018Breeder: Susanne und Hans Peter Gisi

„Together with Australian Bloodstock we are grateful for the breeders' immense confidence in PROTECTIONIST! We view the fact that a great part of his book were Black Type mares and had among them the dams of the German Derby winners of the past two years as an enormous compliment. Protectionist's support in solid numbers as well as the first promising looking foals, give him first chances at a very successful stallion career.”

Ronald Rauscher

Bloodstock Agent